Personal Training in Chester

All skill levels welcome

Personal Training & 1:2:1 Pilates

Through personal training Jane helps individuals to attain and maintain their own personal fitness goals, whether it be weight loss, improving tone, fitness levels or body shape or all of the above.

Jane helps those who lack the motivation or ‘exercise-knowledge’ to work out by themselves.

Jane believes that in order to become and stay fit it is important that achievable goals are set and that each individual finds a form of exercise that they enjoy.

Personal Training & 1:2:1 Pilates are now available upon request at MiiTime's studio in Chester.

1-2-1 £30 per hour
1-2-2 £20 per person (I hour)

To discuss your requirements please call 07941 530838 or email jane.miitime@gmail.com

Go on … you deserve it! 

Call Jane 07941 530838