I’d echo others opinions that of all the fitness classes we have been to Jane’s pilates classes are that last ones we would give up – well structured yet challenging the sessions are always delivered with care for the individual and sprinkled with infectious humour – David Pilates March 2020 

Apart from being a much needed and enjoyed hour of “Mii-time” in a busy working week, Jane and her Pilates has had a considerable impact on my physical health over several years.  With ongoing back problems finally resulting in an operation, Jane has continually worked with me to enable me to maintain my physical ability, both when my health was declining and post-operatively to rebuild my strength.  The sense of achievement when I finally “moved up” a class cannot be underestimated.  If ever you have wondered whether Pilates would be right for you – GO FOR IT! – Heather, Upton

I was a little anxious to start a Pilates class in my seventies but I needn’t have worried! I was met with patience, understanding and warmth. Jane is a great teacher and treats everyone individually with good humour and fun. My balance and core strength have improved enormously, and after more than five years Pilates, I’m looking forward to many more classes. – Jo, Beginners Pilates

I’ve been a ‘Miitimer’ for over 10 years. Throughout this time I’ve thoroughly enjoyed  my weekly sessions of Metafit and Pilates.

Jane is a great instructor who really cares and allows you to work at your own pace and within your own limits. There is always an advanced move and a lower level option,  so classes really are tailored for individual ability. 

Jane’s sessions are always relaxed, fun and friendly. Combine this with her extensive knowledge, and ability to identify when to encourage or when a little push is required will guarantee you get the most out of every session. – Karen, Metafit & Intermediate Pilates

I first met Jane when she was helping Sue (my wife) regain fitness after a protracted illness. Much to the two girls amusement I decided to try Pilates, which was a big change to my visits to the gym. Against ‘the odds’ I have become a complete convert to Pilates. Jane has flexible programmes which are carefully designed to achieve continuous improvement.

I now feel stronger, fitter, and previous aches and pains have disappeared. Jane is a great instructor because she insists on attention to detail, makes every session challenging but fun. Taking up pilates even at my age has improved my general fitness and I would recommend it to anyone. – Mike – 79 year old male

Jane’s circuit training class is one I try not to miss, the harder you work at it the better you will look and feel – and after 2 years I can vouch for that. She is a great instructor, professional but funny who manages to get the best out of people with her enthusiasm and encouragement and not too much force! – Julie, Upton-by-Chester


I have been attending HIIT classes with Jane from Mii time twice a week now since September 2013. I have tried to increase my fitness levels and lose some weight several times in the past with limited results but I decided to try HIIT primarily because the classes were short, with each session being between 15 and 16 minutes, and I figured it would be over quickly. After the first session I could barely walk but only 2 months later, and supplemented with eating more healthily, drinking less and interim gym visits, I am seeing a marked improvement. I am now fitter than I have been in living memory, have lost over a stone in weight and have even started to develop muscles that were missing presumed lost. The HIIT classes ARE hard but if I can do it then anyone can. Jane is always there to help, pointing out where I am going wrong and improving technique. The mixed classes are fun, informal and yes, over, quickly. HIIT provided the spur I needed to get fit and has helped me both physically and mentally (it’s a great way to work out stress). – Mark, Chester

I visited Jane last year with an injury to my shoulder. After falling my shoulder made my everyday tasks difficult and painful. I found my job as a hairdresser difficult to cope with. Thanks to Jane the sport therapy and thorough massage she gave me I have made a full recovery and have no problems at all with movement in that area. Pain free at last. Thank you so much Jane. – Shirl

I have really benefited from Jane’s Pilates class that I have been attending. She makes her classes relaxed and a friendly atmosphere to be in. There is no pressure but good encouragement to progress. I have really noticed a difference in my flexibility and I feel much more toned. I really appreciate the relaxation element at the end which lets me get rid of the stress of all the things I have to do and I look forward to going each week. Thanks Jane. – Claire

At the beginning of this year I was suffering with joint pains and had also developed a “frozen shoulder”. I went along to Jane for a “deep massage” and advice. Jane was brilliant, the massage really helped the tension that had built up and relaxed me, she has given me some sound advice on how to help myself.  I also attend her Pilates class on a Friday morning which I absolutely love, find incredibly relaxing (she usually has to wake me up at the end) and I also feel very well cared for.
Jane is friendly, funny and professional she ensures her exercises are all suitable to each individual. I highly recommend her skills. – Shayle, Upton

When I first started Pilates I wasn’t quite sure what it was but I was looking for something to improve my flexibility and toning. Jane’s classes are enjoyable as well as effective and somehow manage to give really good results without too much perceived effort on my part – my sort of exercise! I feel much better in myself and in particular it has helped my posture which is very important as I spend so much time at the computer. – Zena, Upton

I look forward to Pilates every single week! Jane is fab, super friendly, funny and genuinely cares about you as an individual and your progression in Pilates. It is essential ‘me time’ to work on my mental and physical health and well-being after a long day at work. – Charli, Intermediate Pilates

Pilates has been an important part of my life and wellbeing for over 10 years and Jane is an excellent teacher to support me in this through thoughtfully planned sessions. She delivers with a sense of humour as well as a genuine concern to ensure that everyone works safely and gains the most from the classes. – Wendy, Intermediate Pilates

Jane is the first PE person who has ever made exercise fun for me. I wish I had made time to come years ago because it would have made my job easier – make time to come. – Eileen

I’ve been coming to Jane’s Pilates sessions for almost ten years. Her classes are enjoyable, varied and she always makes me smile. Jane has a friendly, supportive style and gently encourages everyone to work to their individual limits, always checking the exercises are being performed correctly. With Jane’s help I’ve been able to increase my flexibility and stamina and hope to carry on for many more years. – Pattie, Intermediate Pilates

I’d thoroughly recommend Pilates at Miitime. Jane is professional, knowledgeable, funny and kind. She cares for each of her clients and knows our idiosyncrasies so she can recommend just the right exercises for us to do or adapt. All my life I have hated physical exercise and felt useless at it. Miitime has given me confidence for the first time ever. I’ve been coming for four years now and am deeply grateful. My daughter who is in her twenties also enjoys it and we both feel much better for our sessions each week. – Jackie, Beginners Pilates